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Rootless Harmony: The Seaweed Story of Hormone Health & Preserving Our Planet

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In the latest episode of The Pause Pod, I explore the wonders of seaweed as a source of hormonal health and well-being with Sachi Singh – founder and CEO of Rootless and seaweed’s number one fan – and Chief of Staff, Dr. Gabby Pavelko.

They discuss the diverse types of seaweed and their nutrient-rich profiles, emphasizing its role in hormonal health (hello menopause) and its high concentration of essential minerals and vitamins.

The conversation also covers the sustainable and regenerative aspects of seaweed farming, highlighting its minimal environmental impact. They also touch upon the inclusivity of seaweed, and an option suitable for various dietary needs including vegans.

Dare to go where no one’s gone before; Get Rootless – where self-care meets planetary care.

For more, take a pause. Get cozy, and join us in the Pod. Let’s Perimenopause and Prosper!

In this episode:

00:00: Preview

00:49: Intro

04:06: A bit about Sachi

07:35: A bit about Dr. Gabby

10:55: Sachi and Gabby’s Partnership

12:19: Sachi’s rollercoaster hormonal journey

15:49: Gabby’s rollercoaster hormonal journey

19:35: Why Sachi is the number one seaweed fan

23:54: What is seaweed + where it is sourced?

28:05: Sachi’s role at Rootless + her thoughts on seaweed for menopausal support

33:33: What’s in the Rootless bites + how they support menopausal and overall health including Thyroids

43:47: What the science is saying about seaweed

50:09: Why they believe that seaweed is the future of farming, food and planetary health

57:49: Long term goals and how they align with menopausal health

1:02:05: Gabby and Sachi share their Self-care Rituals

1:05:09: Join The Movement: Rootless’ Crowd Funding Campaign

1:12:08: Hypothetical Question Response

1:18:27: Where you can find Rootless and shop the Daily Bites

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I'm a teacher, beauty/wellness founder, and Qigong Instructor. My work exists to support women and people experiencing the menopausal transition on their health and wellness journey. I believe in the sacredness, wholeness, and expansiveness of well-being and the menopausal passage, and I care deeply about teaching and creating experiences and safe spaces that provide support.

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