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Maintaining Muscle Mass During Menopause: Tina Tang’s Guide To Strength Training

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Menopause has its pros and cons. Many are happy to never have a period again. but it’s safe to say, no one wants to witness their muscles wane.

In this episode of The Pause Pod, I chat with fitness trainer Tina Tang about the benefits of strength training for women over 40, particularly during menopause.

Tina shares her journey from finance and jewelry design to fitness, emphasizing the importance of resistance training for maintaining muscle mass and bone density.

She offers practical advice on starting exercise routines, discusses HIIT and plyometrics for heart health and agility, and provides alternatives for those with ailments like back pain.

Tina also talks about her services at Iron Strong Fitness, her self-care practices, and her vision for supporting menopausal individuals with a hypothetical $1 million.

For more, take a pause. Get cozy, and join us in the Pod. Let’s Perimenopause and Prosper!

In this episode:

00:00:00: Episode snippet

00:00:43: Podcast Intro

00:02:13: Tina shares her journey from a career in finance and jewelry design to becoming a fitness trainer, focusing on menopause and women’s health.

00:06:29: Tina describes her personal experience with perimenopause and post-menopause, including symptoms and challenges.

00:19:22: Tina explains the benefits of strength training during and after menopause, emphasizing its role in muscle and bone health.

00:21:35: Importance of strength training for bone density and muscle support in post-menopausal women.

00:22:48: Story of a client starting strength training in her 60s and the importance of starting with simple exercises like walking.

00:25:41: Advice for beginners on starting strength training in their 40s and beyond, focusing on low-impact exercises and building confidence.

00:29:19: The significance of HIIT and sprint interval training for heart health in post-menopausal women.

00:33:36: Explanation of the differences between HIIT and sprint interval training based on rate of perceived exertion.

00:36:19: Approaches to managing lower back pain and chronic sciatica while engaging in exercises, discussing low-impact alternatives.

00:39:37: Discussion on the benefits of walking up hills for longevity and vitality, with personal experiences related to hill walking.

00:41:33: Overview of the fitness services offered, particularly tailored for menopausal women, and the importance of understanding menopausal challenges.

00:42:29: Tina discusses her personal programming and small group training services, tailored workouts, and check-ins.

00:43:38: Details about Tina’s upcoming back squat workshop and plans to open her personal programming roster in the spring.

00:44:37: Tina talks about her self-care rituals, including practicing Tai Chi and prioritizing exercise.

:00:46:11: She discusses her hypothetical allocation of $1 million to support women experiencing menopause, emphasizing the need for informational workshops.

00:46:49: Tina shares her website and Instagram for staying connected, with a brief mention of her social media presence.

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