I'm Dixie. 50+ Biology and health educator, qigong practitioner, beauty and wellness founder, empty nester, and all round life lover.

Take Time For Self it is A Source of Empowerment

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There are six pillars of self-care I live by. Sustenance, restorative practice, relationships, finance, recreation and purpose. How I arrived at this is a story for another post.

On this 20th day of December 2020, the pillar I poured into was joy. 2020 has been a year of awakening, a year of realizations, a year of reinvention, a year of chaos, a year of clarity, a year of reckoning, a year of agony and pain, a year of new beginnings, and so much more.

With so much agony, there needs to be an abundance of joy. Intentional joy. I love, savor and seek out joy. Joy to the world. Hope you find time for joy. It’s self-are and it’s empowering.

This snow fall was still in fall. Winter begins on the 21st of December. Though there will be more snow falls. This first fall felt fantastic!

Truth be told. I was so very excited for this. I deliberately dressed in these colors to get myself in the mood. Being out and about during this pandemic is a blessing and I count every one of them I am gifted.

50+ teacher, beauty and wellness founder and Qigong Instructor. My passion and purpose is helping people (particularly perimenopausal and postmenopausal peeps) to optimize their health and wellbeing with simple lifestyle practices.

I'm Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

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