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After dropping off my daughter at university, I allowed myself some time to be with the avalanche of emotions that were percolating since the beginning of Zoe’s senior year. I sulked, cried, stayed in bed, eat chocolates, watched Netflix/Amazon, browsed through old photos, etc. Don’t get me wrong. I’m so super excited for my daughter. […]

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Reinventing my life started with a Self-care sabbatical! And it led to me finding my passion and purpose. But before we get to that, here’s a peek at the past for a little perspective. A Peek At My Past I was born into a household and community of bush medicine. The tiny village of approximately […]

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Many of you know I’m a gut-hormone axis believer and supporter. The presence of the estrobolome and its role in hormone health is among the most important lessons I’ve learned about the gut biome. My menopausal mantra is “gut care is menopause care.” Much like “gut care is skincare.” So I’m sharing a bit about the […]

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