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It’s been quite the year in my household. After months of preparation, excitement, and angst, it’s finally here. Tomorrow I drop our daughter off at university, where she’ll spend the next three years of her life.  What makes it a bit harder is that she’s opted to go far, far, far away to the United […]

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Twelve years ago, I made a self-care vow. One that eventually led me to leave my job and one I’ve shared with thousands of women in my teaching/wellness practice and on The Global Women’s Self-care Day Facebook page. Unfortunately, not much is happening with this initiative at the moment. Self-care is a big deal for […]

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Reinventing my life started with a Self-care sabbatical! And it led to me finding my passion and purpose. But before we get to that, here’s a peek at the past for a little perspective. A Peek At My Past I was born into a household and community of bush medicine. The tiny village of approximately […]

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I'm Dixie. 50+ Biology and health educator, qigong practitioner, beauty and wellness founder, empty nester, and all round life lover.