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It’s my birthday today. And I can’t remember ever feeling such overwhelming gratitude for life. It’s overflowing, even now, as I sit on my couch, with nowhere to go because we made the decision to stay home and honker down. I feel complete, cherished, and protected. Forty-nine feels wonderful, as wonderful as twenty-nine felt but […]

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It’s a new Day, year, era, blog and perspective. Happy New Year beauties. May 2021 be the year of your dreams and desires. That said, we made it through a tsunami of a year. Let’s ease into 2021, knowing that we made it to the end of one the most perilous years in the world’s […]

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What a year. One that will go down in the history books for it’s earth shattering effects. Adieu 2020. Of course you don’t need a recap, it’s been a collective experience for the most part.

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New Blog loading……….The old one was hacked!!! There are six pillars of self-care I live by. Sustenance, restorative practice, relationships, finance, recreation and purpose. How I arrived at this is a story for another post. On this 20th day of December 2020, the pillar I poured into was joy. 2020 has been a year of […]

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