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Her Self-care Rituals: Joelle Lynn

It’s officially spring, the season of new beginnings, new perspective. So it’s the perfect time for us to introduce you to New Self-care Rituals from more courageous women who are changing the world with their exceptional and supporting work. Read on to learn how and why this self-care connoisseur is obnoxious about some of her practices. We love to hear it and are here for all of it.

Where are you from? Where do you live? And what are you creating? 

My name is Joelle Lynn and I’m the formulator and founder of Happy Girl Products. I’m from New Jersey, but currently living and making magic happen in South Florida. Creating a feminine care line full of healing plant goodness has been absolutely exhilarating for me.

Share with us some of the self-care rituals you practice


My daily self-care rituals consist of me-time, work-time then me-time again.

I try to meditate every morning to start my day on the right track. I do light yoga/stretching moves to get my body limber and ready for the day. I also do this to release built up tension or stress in my body. 

I say my affirmations and goals every morning to set my intentions for the day. I eat protein, like cage-free organic eggs every morning because it helps me to think better. I shower, moisturize, then I’m off to the office to grind.

I have a cup of coffee every morning although I’m working to eliminate this habit. As of writing this, I’m on my 2nd day of green tea with lemon, ginger, and honey (yay me!). 

When I get home, I enjoy cooking to unwind and watching sitcoms that make me laugh.

I end my day usually with visualization and a bit of reading.

I take my nighttime shower and sometimes a salt shower to balance my energy. I then douse a ridiculous amount of my Talc-Free Dusting Powder all over myself. It’s obnoxious but feels so clean, which helps me to sleep. I drink a cup of nighttime tea, take my fish oil supplement then spray my inner arms with my Happy Womb Calming Spray to help sleep. I have issues with sleeping, so this natural self-care ritual helps me to sleep without the need of taking harsh medication.


I exfoliate my body and face at least 1-2 per week. Once with my exfoliating bar and the other time that week with my vadge mask. I also wash with white vinegar at least once per week to cleanse access oil and bacteria (avoiding the inside of the vagina because douching strips the natural moisture and I need that, hehe) I learned this from my mom. It helps me to feel clean and sweet-smelling after doing this. You would think one would smell like vinegar, but nope. I also must socialize once per week. Whether it’s over wine, coffee or at a jazz spot. I’m a sociable person and must interact with likeminded people at least once per week. I also must unplug from work. I’m not good at working 7 days straight even when I love what I do. 


Waxing intimate areas every four weeks and getting my hair done bi-weekly are non-negotiables. I don’t shave nor wash and blow dry my own hair, so this is a must, even during COVID (hot mess, I know). 


I want to start traveling more and going on self-care sabbaticals but that’s to come. As of right now my self-care rituals are going over my goals and readjusting them where needed. I also try to do some type of course or get some type of coaching. I’m currently doing Suzy Batiz, (the owner of Poo~Pourri and Supernatural) ALIVE OS course. It’s life changing.

I'm a teacher, beauty/wellness founder, and Qigong Instructor. My work exists to support women and people experiencing the menopausal transition on their health and wellness journey. I believe in the sacredness, wholeness, and expansiveness of well-being and the menopausal passage, and I care deeply about teaching and creating experiences and safe spaces that provide support.

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