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Apple Podcast | Spotify | Audible In this episode of The Pause Pod, I’m chatting with Dr. Melanie Llanes, a pelvic health expert, about the critical role of pelvic floor health during perimenopause and menopause. Dr. Llanes discusses the “five S’s” of pelvic floor function, the impact of hormonal changes, and common issues like urinary […]

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Apple Podcast | Spotify | Audible In this episode of The Pause Pod, I chat with Michelle Dwyer, a holistic health coach and certified nutrition consultant, about her journey into health coaching and her personal experiences with perimenopause. Michelle discusses the importance of considering the whole person for health and well-being, including routines and habits […]

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Apple Podcast | Spotify | Audible Age enthusiast, longtime community health advocate, and media pioneer, Denise Pines is breaking barriers and redefining menopause and women’s health. She is a trusted resource for women as they pursue midlife wellness. She founded WisePause Wellness, a pro-aging health, education, and workplace training platform and The FemAging Project which hosts […]

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