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Wanna Transform Your Life? Try These 10 AWEsome Tips

Awe is described as a feeling of amazement and wonder that arises from experiencing something profound, beautiful, or inspiring. It can positively impact your mood, well-being, and overall perspective on life. However, unlike other emotions, Dacher Kelter says awe is complex, difficult to define, positive or negative, and can arise from various stimuli. I’m choosing to amplify the positive affects of awe in my life.

During the pandemic, I started to seek out awe intentionally. Among other things, I was complaining about the state of the world, the COVID virus, the effects of white supremacy, business woes, the monotony, and the lack of inspiration I was experiencing.

As a woman of action, I seek and find, and I found a PDF from Dacher Kelter titled The Science of Awe, and that led me down the rabbit hole and wanting more awe in my life. Kelter also did a fantastic podcast on The Diary of a CEO (one of my fave podcasts), where he talked about Happiness and Awe.

We live in a world that’s overwhelming with negative stimuli, which can negatively impact our well-being. And as a triple-A star (Awareness, acceptance, action), I refuse to exist in constant internal and external chaos.

I want more joy, peace, happiness, excitement, creativity, freedom, and many of the good that exists in this world. And I’m keenly aware and accept that the only way I will attain those things is to seek them out.

So I do. Every day I’m more intentional and observant in my interactions with people, places and things. And every day I’m in awe of something(s). Sometimes it’s looking out my window at the sunrise or the fog that settles in my neighborhood. Sometimes it’s watching the clouds sail by. Other times, it’s something phenomenal on social media or a conversation with my metaphysical peers that’s an AWEsome experience. Even when I’m having a f***ed up day, there is awe in survival.

Yeah. That’s my relationship with awe. And it’s been transformative. Wanna transform your life with awe?

10 Tips To Transform Your Life With Awe

Spend time in nature

Spend time in natural environments such as parks, forests, or mountains. Take time to appreciate the beauty and vastness of the natural world. This is my fave awesome thing to do. Getting out in nature and being surrounded by the elements profoundly affects my mood and well-being.


Traveling to new places can provide unique and awe-inspiring experiences. It can expose you to different cultures, landscapes, and perspectives. It can increase creativity. Whether near or far, travel is a tincture that can heal us.

Attend cultural events

Attending cultural events such as art exhibits, concerts, or theater performances can provide opportunities to experience awe-inspiring works of art and human creativity. It can also stimulate your creativity.

Connect with others

Connect with people who inspire you or who have experienced incredible things. Listening to their stories and experiences can bring a sense of awe and wonder into your life. There is no shortage of places to connect. You can connect in person at specific places or online via social media platforms. Whatever you fancy, feel free to connect.

Practice mindfulness

Take time to be present and observe your surroundings. This can help you appreciate the beauty and wonder of everyday moments. One of my fave things to do is people-watch, and I’m always in awe of what I see. I don’t watch to judge but to be inspired

Read or watch inspiring content

Read books, and watch documentaries, or movies that inspire you and expose you to new perspectives. You can listen to books, download them on your Kindle or other reading device, read actual books, and hit Netflix or Hulu for inspiring content.

Be adventurous

Get out of your comfort zone. Get outdoors. Activities such as sports, rock climbing, fishing, skydiving (maybe), dance classes, bungee jumping (which I’ll never do), or hiking can provide a sense of exhilaration, joy and

Give back

Giving is gorgeous and AWEsome. Helping others can provide a sense of purpose and connection to something greater than yourself.

Maintain Restorative Practices

Practices like meditation, prayer, breath works, tai chi, qigong, and yoga can provide a sense of calm and perspective, allowing you to appreciate life’s wonder. My Qigong practice is a moving meditation with many wonderful, awe-inspiring benefits.

Look up

Take time to look up at the night sky and marvel at the vastness and mystery of the universe. Look up at the clouds: the fluffy cumulmus, the wispy cirrus, or the menacing nimbostratus. In my neck of the woods in Pennsylvania, there aren’t many stars to look up at, but being in the valley gives me the best views of the clouds. And when I visit home, in Trinidad and Tobago, I look up at endless stars from my grandmother’s house. This is awesome.

The big picture

Awe is a self-care practice that can increase your happiness considerably.

I'm a teacher, beauty/wellness founder, and Qigong Instructor. My work exists to support women and people experiencing the menopausal transition on their health and wellness journey. I believe in the sacredness, wholeness, and expansiveness of well-being and the menopausal passage, and I care deeply about teaching and creating experiences and safe spaces that provide support.

I'm Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

Hey, gorgeous!

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  1. Dearia Hunt says:

    Where have u been! Am glad ur back. Love all those awesome suggestions. I totally agree, I love being out in nature, n doing yoga while incorporating the breath. So many simple ways to just tune in and feel really good daily. Thank u!

  2. Dixie Lincoln-Nichols says:

    Hey! Thank you. And you’re welcome. I totally agree with you. There are endless feel-good ways at our disposal.

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