I'm Dixie. 50+ Biology and health educator, qigong practitioner, beauty and wellness founder, empty nester, and all round life lover.

Menopause: A Symphony of Life’s Sweetest Song


In the dance of life, a new phase begins,

A journey of change, where the old world thins,

Menopause arrives with a quiet force,

Bringing wisdom and grace on its sacred course.

Once fertile grounds now lay sacred and bare,

Yet within this stillness, a power to share,

No longer defined by cycles of the moon,

A deeper essence begins to bloom.

Hot flashes flicker like wildfire’s embrace,

Yet strength arises from this inner space,

Through night sweats and dreams that come and go,

A metamorphosis of the soul starts to grow.

Moods like the tides, ebb and flow,

Embracing the changes, we learn to let go,

The past, like leaves, falls from the trees,

Making room for new growth, the heart sets free.

Though the body may shift, and skin may show lines,

The spirit transcends, like the stars that align,

We gather our stories, like treasures to hold,

For wisdom and grace are the treasures of gold.

Menopause, a chapter, not an end in sight,

A passage of power, where we find our light,

In unity with sisters, we stand hand in hand,

Celebrating the strength of a menopause grand.

Embrace the journey, with love and care,

Menopause, a time, for all to declare,

We bloom like wildflowers, fierce and strong,

Menopause, a symphony, of life’s sweetest song.

I'm a teacher, beauty/wellness founder, and Qigong Instructor. My work exists to support women and people experiencing the menopausal transition on their health and wellness journey. I believe in the sacredness, wholeness, and expansiveness of well-being and the menopausal passage, and I care deeply about teaching and creating experiences and safe spaces that provide support.

I'm Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

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