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Our bodies are more powerful than we can imagine. Have you ever heard of EPIGENETICS? It is the study of how the environment and behaviors influence gene expression. So basically, the things we do and are exposed to can cause a change in the way genes are expressed. However, no change occurs in the DNA. Studies […]

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Dan Buettner coined the term “Blue Zones,” which refers to the lifestyle of the world’s longest-living communities; centenarians. They are among the oldest and healthiest people in the world, living with little to no chronic health issues. He is also the author of Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who Live the […]

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There is so much healing in healthy, earth foods. Health is wealth! I think so. Every day I am grateful for my life and my health.  I dealt with acne in my teenage years, during my second pregnancy in my thirties and a resurgence almost to the day I turned 40. I was a vegetarian, […]

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