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Dreaming. It’s what I’ve always done. Even when the dreams feel impossible, like now, at almost 50. I’m still dreaming. I dream of being a better human being, sometimes doing nothing, being happy, acquiring financial wealth, being in service, recreating, and enjoying lifelong health. I dream of being a good mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, […]

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I’ve never experienced anxiety around chronological aging, and I hope I never do. However, I have experienced anxiety about not doing the things that are important to me as I age. One of the best gifts I’ve given myself was a self-care sabbatical, where I discovered so much healing and so many opportunities for growth. […]

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Four years ago, I stopped dying my hair. I had been dying for four years before calling it quits. For the first two years, I dyed two to three times per year using regular dyes. Then I switched to henna for the last two years. Truthfully, neither made much of an impact. They provided coverage […]

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