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Lately, I’ve been dealing with this concept of attachment, which was triggered by my youngest daughter’s departure to university in the United Kingdom. I dropped her off, returned home to an empty house, and promptly fell apart. I was super excited to be an empty nester, and if you know me or if we’re friends […]

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Aside from science, biology, and health and wellness, I’m also a style lover, influenced by the many aspects of my surroundings. And if you know me, are close to me, or engage with me via social media, you’ve witnessed this side. Over the years, I’ve attempted to be more intentional and minimal with my clothing/apparel […]

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It’s been quite the year in my household. After months of preparation, excitement, and angst, it’s finally here. Tomorrow I drop our daughter off at university, where she’ll spend the next three years of her life.  What makes it a bit harder is that she’s opted to go far, far, far away to the United […]

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I'm Dixie. 50+ Biology and health educator, qigong practitioner, beauty and wellness founder, empty nester, and all round life lover.