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My maternal great-grandmother, Rebecca Lincoln, whom I called Grannie, is a memorable figure in my childhood. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia in her fifties, a condition that greatly affected her daily living. Grannie led a challenging life, often spending time on the streets, resistant self-care acts like bathing, swallowing her meds and cleaning her home. […]

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There’s no doubt that the menopausal process can take a toll on your sleep routine, with night sweats sometimes making it difficult to get consistent and quality sleep. Trust me. I know all too well how a night sweat can wake you out of peaceful slumber. Though I’m in post-menopause now, it still happens. Albeit, […]

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There’s no doubt that menopause symptoms affect people in different ways. Some people experience severe symptoms, some experience mild symptoms, and some experience no symptoms. For those who experience mild to severe symptoms, the challenge is often finding the right treatments to alleviate their discomfort. While some opt to go the plant-based route, others prefer […]

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