I'm Dixie. 50+ Biology and health educator, qigong practitioner, beauty and wellness founder, empty nester, and all round life lover.

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50+ biology and health teacher, dreamer and doer, self-care connoisseur, born and reared Caribbean country gyal, health & well-being advocate, Qigong practitioner, veggie juice drinker, smoothie consuming operator, and beauty & wellness founder.

hi, I'm Dixie.  

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My name is Dixie Lincoln-Nichols. I started my professional career as a biology and health science teacher. 

In 2012, I had an eat, pray, love moment and resigned from my teaching position to embark on a self-care sabbatical in pursuit of my passion and purpose.

a Bit ABout Me 

I am committed to supporting women identifying people improve their health and wellbeing  during the (peri)menopause phase so they can age well and live abundant lives.

We are dismantling old paradigms and narratives about (PERI)MENOPAUSE. You know, that perfectly natural rite of passage that's long been shrouded in secrecy and that's causing so many to live in silence, shame and even pain. I'll also share some of my own experiences and lifestyle practices on this well-aging journey. So if you're ready to build something amazing together, let's do it. You can start by downloading the free resources I created just for you, here and signing up for my weekly newsletter, here.

I'm 50, Menopausal
& Thriving Through it!

What's Your Pause Phase?

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There are over 30 symptoms related to perimenopause and menopause. These symptoms can creep in causing you to go, wtf? It can be confusing and at times scary 'cause perhaps no one prepared you? Take the quiz and get a bit of clarity.

Are your symptoms perimenopausal or menopausal? Get a bit of clarity.

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I am the founder of Inside Outer Beauty Market, a clean beauty retailer and Pause Phase, an ingestible brand for people experiencing perimenopause and post-menopause.

I guide workshops on menopause in the workplace. I also facilitate self-care and menopause workshops for small groups. You can also find me moderating and speaking on panels about clean beauty, well aging and wellness, within.

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Self-care is the vehicle that can take you to your unique happiness. It can take you from undone to on top of this beautiful world. It can take you from fed up to freedom, from physical to spiritual, from unhealthy to healthy, from broke to bringing in the big bucks, from fearfull to fearless, from confusion to clarity, from passionless to purposeful, from unhappy to blissful, from staycationer to global vacationer, from giving up to giving back. I'm not here to fix anyone. I am here to 
support women  (who want support) on their wellness journeys.

Self-care workshops

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My menopause in the workplace training is designed to help organizations understand menopause, identify  and implement ways to support individuals who are experiencing perimenopause and menopause in the workplace.

Menopause in the workplace training

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You may be experiencing unusual symptoms and have even thought, what the heck is happening to my body? Is it just me? Am I losing it? Help! You're not losing it, and you're not alone. Check the list and then check with your primary care partner. 

Menopause Symptoms Checklist

Did you know there are 30+ (peri)menopause symptoms?

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