Take Time For Self. It is a source of empowerment.

A Bit About Me 

I’m Dixie Lincoln- Nichols, wife, mother, biological science/health teacher, certified health & wellness educator, and beauty & wellness entrepreneur. 

What I Do 

Using 6 pillars, I help clients rediscover or discover their passion and purpose through the practice of self-care. They learn to reclaim their body’s homeostasis, their confidence, beauty, and to live more  meaningful lives from the inside out.

My Mission

My mission is to educate and inspire those who are ready to live beautifully from the inside out.

I began my career as a biological science and chemistry teacher at the NYC Department of Education.  In 2012, I resigned from my school teaching career and had myself an Eat, Pray, Love moment, embarking on a self-care sabbatical in search of my true passion: supporting myself and others to live and enjoy healthier lives.

The result of my sabattical is my 18 month old business, Inside Outer Beauty Market, a multi-ethnic, e-commerce and brick & mortar retailer that curates toxicant free beauty, wellness, personal care and household care products to support the body inside and out.

As a beauty entrepreneur, my work also includes advocacy for equality, equity, diversity and inclusivity. Most recently, I partnered with Senator Dianne Feinstein to support the Personal Care Product Safety Act, which aims to create more regulation in the beauty space and accountability by manufactures regarding ingredient and efficacy claims.

My work has been featured in publications such as SElF, Oprah, WFMZ 69 News, Yahoo Lifestyle, Blavity, Essence Online, Daily Mail, Beauty Independent, Working Mother, Bella Magazine and many more.

My education includes a BSc in Biological science with a minor in chemistry and an Msed in teaching and learning. I also hold certificates in health and wellness from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the London School of Naturopathic Medicine in the U.K. As an associate Qigong flow instructor, I utilize energy works to help others increase their vitality.

Over the years, I’ve been awarded numerous awards for my outstanding performance and contributions as a biological science educator. Other awards include city council citations from the City of New York and New York Stae Assembly certificates of Merit for exemplary service in the community.

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