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ready to Transition & Thrive?

Identify menopause symptoms, learn how to manage those symptoms, and boost your health, vitality and quality of life.

The Ultimate Guide To Mastering  YOUR MENOPAUSE Experience  In Just 6 Weeks


You may be wondering:

"What the $&@# is happening to me? Am I going crazy? Why do I feel disconnected from my body?"

Feeling out of sync. Depressed. Low sex drive. Confused. Night sweats. Fatigue. Body odor. UTIs. Cystic acne. Fibroids. Don't know where to begin. No one to talk to. Afraid. Ashamed. Unprepared. Miserable. Doctors telling you that's life, you just have to deal with it, and so much more. All the things have you feeling HOPELESS.

And that's why I created

The Menopause Lab

There is Hope!

Good News! You're not going crazy. But your body is going through changes that can make you feel that way.

Imagine awakening each morning feeling rejuvenated, your body in harmony, and your energy levels soaring—this is the transformation awaiting you in THE MENOPAUSE LAB.

As someone who has traveled the path of menopausal challenges, I've experienced firsthand the profound impact of embracing integrative and targeted strategies for support. The vitality and harmony I enjoy today are direct results of the practices and knowledge I share in this course.

Welcome to The Menopause Lab™

Ready to embrace the menopause change and live vibrantly?

“Her influence definitely has gone far beyond products for me.”

Her expertise and advocacy for women's well-being, including perimenopause and menopause, have helped me learn so much, and her information and encouragement have already helped me advocate for myself to improve my own health!

sarah, health writer

“Dixie's service, patience, and commitment to Women's health is admirable.”

Everything associated with this incredible educator and lifestyle expert is always ethical and quality. If I ever need support, Dixie is always the go-to. 

Vanessa, Principal

The unexpected hot flashes, the sleepless nights, and the emotional rollercoaster that seemed never-ending. It was a time when I felt like I was losing myself and finding myself. But amidst those challenges, I discovered an inner strength, resources and a community of support that transformed my journey into one of empowerment, confidence and vitality. I experienced perimenopause for 14 years, and thrived through much of it.

I too faced much of what you are facing!




is the ultimate guide to navigating YOUR menopausal journey with ease. From perimenopause to menopause (the actual pause) to post-menopause (where you'll spend the rest of your life). You'll learn the keys to improved health, and a vibrant, fulfilling life on your terms.

foUNDER of Former Inside Outer Beauty market |
co-founder of life in the pause | Well-being consultant | @dixielincolnnichols

I'm a 26 year science and health teacher(MSEd) educator, certified health & well-being coach. Certified Qigong instructor, and award-winning beauty and well-being founder. My work exists to support women on their health and well-being journey. I believe in the sacredness, wholeness, and expansiveness of well-being and I care deeply about creating experiences and safe spaces that provide sustainable support.

 Hi, I'm Dixie, and I'm Psyched By All Things Health & Well-being

Meet YOUR teacher

The Menopause Lab is for you 

You're ready to release shame, myths and taboos.

You're fed-up of feeling helpless and want to take control of your well-being.

You want the keys that fit for you to thriving through menopause.


You are ready to embrace a life of vibrance and vitality.


The course is designed to be a supportive tool, tailored to help someone as resilient as you to navigate menopause with ease. It's about empowering yourself with knowledge and strategies that complement your strength. By choosing this path, you're not just looking after your physical health; you're reinforcing your worth and ensuring you have everything you need to keep shining.

Let's face it. Health is the best wealth. By choosing to focus on your health and well-being, especially with something as significant as menopause you're proving just how committed you are to living your best life.

You're in the right place.

Library of 

Short Qigong
Flows + skincare Ebook + Surprise

Qigong, with its gentle movements, deep breathing, and meditation, offers significant benefits during menopause. This ancient Chinese practice helps alleviate common symptoms like mood swings and sleep issues, by harmonizing the body's energy flow. Its stress-reducing, calming effects also address menopause-related anxiety, making it a suitable, natural option for women seeking relief during this transitional phase.

Grab your seat today and get 10 restorative Qigong Flows


By the end of The Menopause Lab, you will...

  have access to a supportive community of peers and professionals to support 
your journey.

Communicate effectively to support the relationships with the people who matter.

adjust your mindset, embrace menopause, and improve all aspects of your well-being.

Know the keys to navigating menopause with ease, and living a life of vitality. 

Advocate for your health, menopausal and aging needs with confidence.

Have the knowledge to make informed decisions that support well-being.

and more..


teacher-guided weekly instruction with Dixie

Live Weekly 
office hours

Impactful tools for your well-being

Lifetime course access

This      for you if:

You are experiencing menopause or want to be prepared for menopause

you have no interest in menopausal health & Well Aging Education

You want to take an integrative approach to well-being in menopause

you prefer medication-only approaches

seeking a supportive community where you can learn and grow

It's probably       for you if...

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO show up consistently and DO THE WORK



It's probably
for you if...



This course will take you from: "Hey Menopause, you're an unwelcome guest, let me show you the door." To, "Hey Menopause, I've heard some things about you, come on in, I'd like to know more."


How long will the course be?

The course will be a total of six weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be learning on my own?

I will be guiding you through the course, weekly.

Will there be a graduation?

Most certainly. With a certificate too.

When does the course begin? 

The course will begin in March. You'll get an email with all the information.

Once I purchase, will the entire course be available for learning?

No. The course will be delivered to you weekly, where I'll be personally instructing.

Will I have access to the course for life?

Yes. You will be able to access this course for life, including all upgrades and add ons to this course. 

What if I can't make it to the class on the day you deliver instruction?

No worries at all. The classes will be recorded. So You'll be able to listen to the playback.

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Enroll now

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